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40 Fun Things For Kids to Do During Summer Vacations in Bangladesh

June 7, 2018
40 things kids summer vacations in Bangladesh

Summer Vacations are here, and it’s that time of the year when kids go non-stop with their favorite two words – “I’m Bored”. Practically the longest break in the entire school year, these holidays last for almost a month, though it varies from institute to institute. This year, the vacations seem to be longer, with a lot of schools enjoying almost 2 and a half months off. Children work very hard over the school year and rightly deserve some time off to enjoy themselves. Parents too need some time off from the busy school schedule of their kids. As such, summer is the best time for families to reconnect, relax, recreate and make new memories. It’s also a great time to refresh and recharge. However, after just a couple of weeks, both kids and parents feel like they’ve had enough of the relaxation and start craving things to do to keep busy. This a good time for kids to learn new things and enhance their skills but lots of parents find themselves running out of ideas and activities for kids to do. In Bangladesh, it becomes even tougher, since options for summer activities is quite limited. So, parents have to start getting innovative to make sure the kids don’t waste the summer away in front of the TV or on their tabs. Here are 40 Fun Things For Kids To Do in Summer Vacations in Bangladesh that can be enjoyable both for parents and kids.

Some Activities that can enhance your child’s skills during their Summer vacation:

  • Encourage your child to read books: These vacations are a great time for kids to brush up on their reading skills, especially for those kids who struggle with reading in school. If they do struggle with reading, chances are that they will not want to if you just hand them a book and ask them to read on their own. Actually getting involved and reading with the child would be more helpful. Start by helping them find reading material that is suitable for their reading level and make sure the topic of the books reflect the child’s interests. Ask questions and have your child describe what they are reading in their own words. You can have discussions about the book that they read while having dinner or lunch, or when spending family time together. Children learn more by copying their parents. So, when the child sees his/her parent enjoying a book, he/she will most likely try to follow. You can also discuss a book that you have read with the child, of course, keeping the discussion up to the child’s level of understanding.
  • Take trips to local libraries together: It’s a great idea to start visiting the library with your child during summer vacations. Some kidslove to read and talk about books. Take trips to local libraries with your child. When you do, the library will quickly become a familiar and fun place for them. The child will gain a greater interest of reading and gaining knowledge through this. Some options for libraries in Dhaka include the British Council Library at Dhaka University, the Gourmet Bazaar Library in Banani, PBS library in Shantinagar and Uttara, and of course, the National Library. In Chittagong, you can take your kids to the American Corner library as well Bati Ghar. You can even take advantage of the moving library of Bisho Shahitya Kendro.
  • Join Summer Camps: Summer Camps provide great recreational and sporting facilities for children during the summer vacation period. They are great, because they offer a structured opportunity for children to learn. Some of the benefits of summer camps include:
  1. Building friendships and social skills
  2. Developing confidence
  3. Getting some physical movement
  4. Learning the values of leadership
  5. Continuing education in the summer
  6. Taking time out for “active play”

In short, they’re a great way for kids to use their vacation time in doing activities that are both fun and have a learning outcome. Scroll down to see some of the summer camps and activity centers in Bangladesh that are worth enrolling your kids into.

  • Learn a new language: Learning a foreign language is so beneficial. It is far easier for a child to learn a second language then it is for an adult, so it is a good idea to start early. And what better time to start learning a new language than during the summer holidays? There are numerous Language Centres in Bangladesh where you can enroll your kids. For example, the Alliance Francaise for French, the Goethe institute for German, etc. If you don’t yet want to commit to formal language classes, then go online! There are numerous websites and apps that your child can use to learn foreign languages, for example Duolingo. There are even online courses and MOOCs available, like those on Udemy and Coursera that you can enroll your child into for learning the basics of any language. Many of these courses are even free. Another option is buying language learning books from Nilkhet or borrowing them from a library.


  • Learn Coding or Building Robots: Getting them to learn a computer language is also a great idea. A lot of people think that coding is a complicated process and only meant for experts from the computer science field, but a lot of today’s ICT leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Bills Gates are advocating that anyone can code. Doesn’t matter the age, or the background. If you are interested, you can easily learn to code and build exciting apps and games all by yourself. A good way to get your child started is through the hour Of Code Website, where they can learn coding through Scratch, a language that involves simply dragging and dropping commands. You can also get them enrolled in online courses for learning to code, many of which are even free of cost! And if your child is more into robotics and hardware, the TechShopBd has a number of started kids that your child can use to learn to make mind-boggling robots all by themselves.


  • Visit museums, art gallery, or science museums: Museums are a great way to get your child interested in history and to give them a real feel of how fortunate they are to belong to this day and age. Taking children to the National Museum will help develop a sense of pride in their country and its history and sharing stories of freedom fighters and famous people of history will help shape their personalities in unimaginable ways. A lot of times we tend to forget how we’ve come to have the life we have today and how much history has had an impact on our lives. Showing kids the relevance of history in their lives can be the best way to avoid their aversion to history lessons in school too! Here are some of the Museums that you can visit:
  • The National Museum
  • Liberation War Museum
  • Bangladesh Air Force Museum
  • Novo Theater (Center for Science and Technology)


  • Improve writing skills: Writing skills are important for a student and they’re even more important for career success. Make your kids work on their writing skills during their school holidays. Now if you just hand them a pen and paper and ask them to write, you will probably be greeted with an eye-roll in return. Instead, try to get creative yourself. Give them a picture an ask them to make up a story about it. If the kids are younger, you can just ask them to color the picture and then wrote 4-5 sentences describing the picture. Encourage them to write letters. The letters could be to close relatives, friends or even someone the child admires, like a celebrity or an important figure. You can encourage them further by actually sending out the letter to the relative or friend by email or post.


  • Get messy with some creative art. If your child is feeling creative and you don’t mind a mess, let him or her paint, build, sculpt, design or invent. Creative art has been found to assist in children’s learning process. Creative art also helps in personal development of a child. When making art, children can explore their individuality, because they can make whatever they can imagine in their own style. It will also enhance their Creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • Learn swimming: Swimming is great exercise for body. Keeping kids active during the summer can be a challenging task. And what better way to cool off in this heat than immersing yourself in water? The summer vacations are a great time to get your kids into the pool. It keeps them moving and helps them learn to swim, which is one of the most valuable lessons that you can equip your child with. For kids, swimming lessons build self-confidence, let’s them have fun, gives their bodies a good workout without them even realizing it and in the end, it ensures they have this important life skill under their belt.

swimming lessons summer vacations


  • Learn cooking: Getting your child to help you cook and bake can be a fun activity for both you and your child. This will help them to be more self-dependent person, will give you and your child some relaxing one-to-one time together and at the end of it, a yummy treat for all to savour. You can plan out a menu for every day or for every week. Get the kids involved in the planning phase and include a lot of kid friendly recipes, like cakes, cookies, or even dumplings. Great kid friendly Bengali recipes could include simple pithas and narus. You’ll find your kids really enjoy rolling the narus into balls with you or filling and shaping the pithas. But remember, kids have very less attention spans, so I would advise you to plan out the process in such a way that you don’t have to make your kid wait for too long at any point. A good idea would be to keep the basic dough or filling prepared in advance, so they can enjoy the main or fun part of the process.


  • Take singing and music lessons: Singing lessons are fun! If your child loves to sing, then the summer vacations might be a great time to get them enrolled in Singing or music lessons took them to singing class. Singing lessons can increase confidence and can have been proven to increase your child’s IQ. You can even employ a music teacher to come home and give your child music lessons on a regular basis. Other than that, there’s the Shishu Academy and other institutions in your locality that can be a great launching pad for your child, if you are thinking of developing your child along these lines. The Alliance Francaise of Dhaka also offers guitar and piano lessons if your child is more into learning more sophisticated instrument


  • Join Sports Clubs: Joining a sports club is one of the best options to stay fit. Sports activities like Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, cycling, will help children to enjoy their summer vacation and keep healthy. The urban lifestyle has resulted in kids not getting to spend enough time outdoors or getting any physical activity. As such, sports clubs could be a great way to counter that. Children can also get a chance to meet and get to know other children and learn to make new friends. Moreover, a sports certificate holds great value in all the professional fields too. A sports club is something which should be definitely added to the list of summer vacation activities.


  • Learn a Martial Art: There is no alternative to self-defense and in today’s world, it is an important skill that every person should possess to keep themselves protected at all times. There are a number of institutes in Bangladesh, that offer lessons in Karate, Taekwondo and many other Martial Arts. You can enroll your child to any of these lessons and rest assured that your child will build both self-discipline, self-control, as well as self-confidence.


Fun Things For Kids To Do in Summer Vacations in Bangladesh:

  • Play outside
  • Fly a kite
  • Go fishing
  • Watch family movies together
  • Play with clay
  • Write a comic book
  • Play with Lego
  • Plant a garden
  • Play different type games
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Go to Zoo
  • Go to Theme Park
  • Have a kid party
  • Plan a trip
  • Go to a historical village
  • Visit parents’ work place.
  • Bicycle riding
  • Play hide and seek
  • Eat at a family restaurant.
  • Go for a walk together
  • Visit relatives, neighbors
  • Go swimming

Your child just got out of 10 months of straight schoolwork. So, they obviously have a lot of expectations from their summer vacations. They want to make the most of it, they’ll want to spend it having fun, spending time with their family and tapping into their creative sides and hobbies. But it becomes so easy to forget the main purpose of these vacations and get stuck in the rut of sleeping in late, binge watching TV, browsing the internet and playing video games, and before you know it, the vacations get over and your child feels unfulfilled. So, these vacations, make sure your child has fun, enhances their knowledge and skills and doesn’t let these precious days go to a waste.

Sometimes all you need for a good family time together is to go out as a family and have fun. Unfortunately, we lack options for entertainment in Bangladesh, and most families find the only entertainment to be eating out at restaurants. But if you look hard and deep enough, you’ll find there are a good number of options available and places to go in Bangladesh, but they’re probably not advertised enough for you to know. Here are my suggestions for places in Dhaka that you can go to and Fun Things For Kids To Do in Summer Vacations in Bangladesh:


  1. Basundhara city’s ‘Toggi World’: ‘Toggi World’, is an in-door amusement theme park for children. You will find there kiddies rides, arcade games and even some indoor sports. It is located at level-8 of Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in the Panthapath area. Toggi World is open from Monday to Wednesday including all government holidays at 11 am to 10.00 pm. It’s a great entertainment option for you and your child.


  1. Royal Skating Club: Royal skating club is the first roller skating rink in Bangladesh. Trainees are trained from the basic level till they reach the professional level, and you can enroll your child of any age starting from 6 years. This club is situated at Uttora, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. Clay Station: Playing with clay is fun art, not fine art. Anyone can do it, and it is not just fun, but soothing and relaxing for your nerves. Clay Station, in Banani, is a perfect place where you can play with clay. You can get creative and build all kinds of stuff from pots to mugs and cups. After having all the fun, your child will feel really proud of himself/ herself when showing off or using the masterpieces that they built with their own two hands.


  1. Gulshan Youth Club: This is a great place for kids to learn a variety of skills and sports all year rounf. Situated in Gulshan 2, very close to Pink City, this institute specializes in both sports and language skills. They have classes for cricket, martial arts, and even Arabic. Amongst its many activities its participation in the Dhaka Premier Cricket deserves a special mention.


  1. Swimming Classes: There are a lot clubs in Dhaka that offer swimming lessons, such as the Dhaka University Swimming Pool, Officers Club Swimming Pool, The International Recreation Club, Dhaka. Few hotels like Le Méridien and Westin arrange Swimming lessons for kids and you can make it double the fun by being there in the water along with your child.


  1. British Council: British Council arranges many activities throughout the year, especially during summer, like summer reading challenges for kids, as well as story reading sessions. If you want your child to brush up on their English Speaking or just have fun learning English, you can enroll them into the British Council courses for little kids like Learning Time with Shawn and Timmy as well as other courses for older kids. And if you simply want to spend some quality time reading with your child, the British Council Library is an excellent place to hangout and get lost together in the world of books.

 Enriching and Good Books for Kids to Read in Bangladesh

  1. Gourmet Bazar Library, Banani: Many know Gourmet Bazar to be just a grocery store. But the Banani branch is equipped with both a café, as well as a library, along with the grocery store. It’s a great place to read books and have some coffee or hot chocolate. The Gourmet Bazar also organizes numerous events for children throughout the year, like workshops on drawing and inspirational speeches by people who have excelled in their field. So, it would be a great idea to stay tuned with their events by following them on their social media channels.


  1. Fantasium: Situated on the topmost level of Pink City in Gulshan 2, Fantasium is an indoor play gymnasium for children in Dhaka. The place includes a coffee shop and an Italian restaurant. So if you want to enjoy eating out with your children you can go there. The play gym has a different hourly rate for weekdays and weekends. So it would be a good idea to find out from before. And if you want to have some personal time, while you sip on your coffee, you can let their well-trained assistants take over and look after the kids while they play in the play area. There are a number of creative workshops and activities for kids going on in Fantasium throughout the year, so it would be a good idea to keep your eyes open for those.


  1. Soi 71: This place is well-known for their delicious authentic Thai cuisine. In addition to that, Soi 71 has made special provisions for kids as well. They have a special Soi Kids section wherein families with children can sit and enjoy a scrumptious meal while the kids enjoy in the play area. Keeping in mind the children’s favorite dishes, they also offer a special Kid’s Menu.


  1. Art Café: This place is a fairly new addition to the Dhaka landscape, but is already breaking grounds. The place includes a small café, that serve a number of kid-friendly dishes, along with a nice sweets museum. Yes, you heard it right, a sweets museum. Bangladesh has a glorious history of sweets, with every province specializing in a different sweet. The Bengal Sweets’ sweet museum is a great place to take your kids where they can get a sense of pride from knowing how many different types of sweets their country offers. Bangladesh’s rich sweet heritage is slowly becoming a lost art, with more and more kids turning to western sweet dishes, like cakes and candies. We need to divert their interests back to the roots. In addition to this, the Art Café hosts a number of workshops and creative activities for kids throughout the year, like raincoat painting, paper crafting, etc.Art Cafe

These were some of the places that I could think of. I’m sure I’ve missed out on a few others. If you know of any other places in your neighbourhood, do let me know in the comments below.

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